Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

- Near a mill in Hinsdale -
A friend of mine recently nominated me for the Positive Things challenge (I'm not sure if that's what it is called), which asks to list out three positive things about my day for a week. I have accepted the challenge and thought I would document the positive vibes on here versus Facebook. I will, subsequently, be nominating three more friends!

Day 1:
  1. Starting the shortened week on a Tuesday after Labor Day weekend
  2. Having leftovers from Kuma's Corner - known for their epic burgers
  3. Working out with some squats and leg lifts
Day 2:
  1. Having 2 more days to the work week
  2. Having my home-made sandwich for lunch (doesn't happen often)
  3. Fixing my iPhones' unresponsive home button by myself
Day 3:
  1. Enjoying the beautiful weather
  2. Eating Nutella from the jar
  3. Attending a Happy Hour with some co-workers
Day 4:
  1. Sleeping in
  2. Dinner with my mom and a friend
  3. Staying in on a Friday night and watching an Indian movie with my mom
Day 5:
  1. Experiencing Eataly at the restaurant La Pizza - La Pasta and the Nutella bar
  2. Strolling down Michigan Ave with a friend
  3. Having a second dinner at Gino's East and trying out a sweet "Birthday Cake" shot (no birthdays were happening)
Day 6:
  1. Afternoon at Nordstrom
  2. Watching NYFW and re-runs of Friends simultaneously
  3. Lemonade from Auntie Ann's
Day 7:
  1. Eating hot and spice Ramen Noodles for dinner
  2. Finalizing a video I created for my mom's 50th birthday (check it out here)
  3. Catching-up on some magazine reading
Thank you, Natalia for this challenge! xo