Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue Print

H&M Sweater, Ann Taylor Pants, Toms Shoes, Longchamp Purse
Printed pants are an easy, yet, quick way to add some flair to a typical outfit. Although it took some time for me to get used to the idea of switching up printed tops for printed bottoms, I have started to follow, what has now become a nationwide trend. Before I indulge in pairing printed tops with printed bottoms, I thought I could deliver a relaxed ensemble using a sweater and comfortable shoes. These printed pants aren't the typical ankle-length trousers, but the cropped, "capri" look provides a refreshing feel for fall.

The Living Dream

Pool Entrance
As you can see here and here, the second thing I'm very keen on is interior decor. I know I've briefly mentioned before that I simply cannot wait to have a place of my own and orient every design and layout to my style. So, until then I will continue to pretentiously live through Pinterest. In this post, I want to draw the attention to the living room space - or as I call it, The Living Dream. I admire the concept of stacking books, grouping objects in a tray, and having fresh fleurs in a common room for a touch of comfort. The other important idea I'm going to keep in mind is the use of different types of chairs and couches for some diversity. As you can see in these images, there is an assortment of furnitures that makes the room more lively and engaging. 

Pop of Purple
Coral Touch

Manhattan Living
Simple Neutrals
Dark Touch
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Everyone has their favorite holiday or season and like most people mine's the Christmas season. Although Christmas is still about a month away, I like to plan ahead and ensure I get the gifts I want before they get sold out or prices peak. Also, this gives me ample time for any shipping to be delivered without cutting it too close. Here is a gift guide to help you purchase something for your girlfriends - items varying from comfy socks to a pair of Louboutins. I hope this sheds some light on the imminent Christmas shopping that some of us have yet to begin.

1. "World According to Karl" book, $30

2. Julia Kostreva phone case, $38

3. Piperlime hat, $52

4. Urban Decay 'Naked 3' palette, $52

5. Chanel lipstick, $34

6. Christian Louboutin 'So Kate' heels, $625

7. Kotur 'Margo minaudiere, $280

8. J. Crew cable-knit sock, $16.50

9. Z Gallerie 'Emma' jewelry box, $16.95

10. Gilligan Malley pajama set, $24.99

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Story of Saffluence

My latest article that initiated the men's style series
Today, I want to bring the attention to an emerging South Asian online magazine called, Saffluence, which I write for on a monthly basis. At Saffluence, we try to portray the aesthetics of life through "smart, simple, and savvy" ways. Not only is this a forthcoming magazine, the fact that it targets males as well as females is a captivating element. Some of the topics that can be read about on Saffluence include beauty, fashion, food, guy things, technical gadgets, and other lifestyle subjects. Here are some of my favorites articles from the online mag.

The guide to the pretty lip

Sari Art 
Commentary on Payal Singhal

My first article for Saffluence, which became a fan favorite
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Classique Photo

Gleb Derujinsky, 1888-1975
Although it may not be apparent, I have always had a fascination towards classic, black and white photography. There is something so authentic and elegant about a photograph being in two tones; even the models have this effortless beauty that is hard to be captured in our era. I stumbled upon Gleb Derujinsky's first photograph when I was looking for an icon for my work communication system and it has struck me as one of my favorite pictures. It was only until recently that I found Gleb's other timeless works, some of which were featured in Harper's Bazaar.

Girl on the shore

The black glove

Columbus Circle with Pigeons
Would love to know about your black and white artists!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Winter White

Zara Coat (similar here), H&M Faux-fur Scarf (similar here), BCBG Booties, Louis Vuitton Bag
With snow upon us already, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate the post to a white article of clothing - long peacoat. As I've mentioned in my posts before, I have a low-tolerance for the cold so I choose to bundle up even in fall. This coat, especially, is the ultimate fall coat to have on my shoulder as it can keep me warm without being overheated (as some wool coats tend to do in semi-cold temperatures). The tight fit as well as the (sort of) crisp, white look lends a polished and elegant feel that is almost reminiscent of Kate Middleton's style.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

My upcoming first Queen Bey concert tickets!
Yesterday, Chicago experienced the official snowfall of the season! Although, it is not winter, technically speaking, the colder chill and accumulated snow definitely put most people in that holiday mindset. Some of the things I'm looking forward to before New Years is my first ever Beyonce concert! Regardless of what has been said about her, the performances she give are mind blowing and it would be a privilege to see her live and upfront. Hope you are taking time to enjoy the last remains of fall as it is slowly coming to a wrap. 

Obsessed with autumn leaves pallete

Found little Paris in Evanston

Some of my all-time favorites - pearl studs and faux fur scarf
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall's Faux Fur

Old Faux Fur Vest (similar here), Forever21 Shirt Dress, DSW Tights, Ray Ban Wayfarer, Tory Burch Flats
I know that pretty much most of my fall outfit post titles have the word "Fall" in it, but I have no better way to describe the colorful photos than by the season. This shirt dress was given to me by a friend and has been a go-to piece in the fall/spring times. I love the simplicity of it and how it can be easily coupled with a belt, faux-fur vest, and even flats!

Oh and Happy Veterans Day to all you brave souls!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Culture of Curls

Shot from Monday Blues
I was quite astounded when I came across a short list of ways - some of which I was unaware of - to take care of curly hair. Although, I can't find the same list anymore (stumbled upon it on Pinterest), I will recreate it with my take on hair maintenance. Here are some tips to tame the mane!

1. Use less or no shampoo; if you must, look for key ingredients like Shea butter, palm oil, or avocado oil.

2. Throw out the hair bush; use a shower comb to sift through the curls in the shower.

3. Get silk pillowcases; cotton soaks up the moisture in the hair and causes hair to be more dry. I really love the simplicity of this one.

4. Always get a dry haircut; wet haircuts will give a false perception of the way hair falls and its length. Side note: a half inch off will really look like one inch off and so on.

5. Bring in the conditioner; leave-in conditioner is as necessary as regular conditioner. It's a 10 Miracle for medium-thick hair is a great product to get silky smooth texture.

6. Cut down on the heat; not only does heat distort the pattern of curls, it also causes unwanted split ends and damage that is harder to recover from than straight hair.

What are some unique tips you abide by that I missed here?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Walk

H&M Coat, H&M Sweater, Aldo Boots, Tory Burch Bag, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
As of late (maybe two days), the temperature has slowly started to reflect what fall is supposed to feel like - and taking mini walks is one way to leverage it. The key pieces I have been leaning towards in my closet are a pair of tights that I can wear with boots, a light, oversized sweater and a fall coat to throw over my shoulder in case of sudden chills. Considering that I have low cold-tolerance, I find it very beneficial having a coat at all times and a tote to stuff it in when I'm not using it.


What are your fall go-to pieces?

Monday Blues

Ann Taylor Dress, H&M Cardigan, Gucci Aviators, Steve Madden Flats
The thing with the color blue is that it complements really well with darker skin tones like mine. Over this past summer, I had a tough time finding a maxi dress that did not mandate me to wear heels, but could be worn as an option to dress up. I came across this particular one from Ann Taylor and was attracted to the print instantaneously. Not only was the length perfect, it also came with a belt, which I used to tie over the cardigan as pictured here. The one, key article of clothing that is not transparent here are the leggings I have on that helps me control my goosebumps on these colder days.