Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Improvement - Drawer

Those who have been in my room is well aware of my gloating over the dresser I assembled myself. Might I add - it is still standing and being used for what it was sold for. As a meticulous-being, I take my time to do things and ensure that once I complete it, it won't fall apart. Here is the story of my long lost drawer that was broken and left unfixed for about 3 years, until this past weekend with a superglue.

Step 1: Find all pieces of the broken drawer.

Step 2: Unscrew nails to remove broken plastic things. Locate Superglue!

Step 3: Apply Superglue to both ends of the wood pieces that will be attached to the external drawer piece.

Step 4: Position the drawer so the Superglue stays in place for about 24 hours. (I placed a mug on top to balance the wood forward).

Step 5: 24 hours later, flip the fixed drawer to ensure the pieces are balanced and not loose. 

Step 6: Put the missing drawer back into the cabinet for the completion. 

Do you have any broken things in the house that can be easily fixed?