Where casual and elegance intertwine, conceiving class. 

Meet Fiona

Since birth, Fiona Edat has had the privilege of being exposed to various foreign cultures - she was born in India, raised in Austria, and currently resides in North America. In Chicago, she obtained her BS degree in computer science from Loyola University, which enabled her to work as a Project Management Associate at The Advisory Board Company. 

Her management skills, vivid attention to details, and fervor for fashion has facilitated in the creation of The Upmarket- a portal to document the pretty pleasures and panache ways of life. Although her prominent desires fall under fashion and decor, she hopes to expand her knowledge of beauty, cooking, and DIY projects. The goal of The Upmarket is to bring a centralized idea of fashion, decor, and other lifestyle aesthetics.

In addition, Fiona is a monthly writer for an imminent South Asian magazine called, Saffluence. She aspires to hone her innate talent of fashion editing and administration to build a concrete foundation for The Upmarket.


For any comments or questions, please e-mail me at xfiona91x(at)gmail(dot)com.

Twitter: @fionaedat