Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Desires - Booties

For the second set of fall desires, I rounded up flattering booties in various colors. I have come to learn that wearing ankled booties can be teamed with not only basic American attires, but traditional Indian ones as well. I, being a vertically-challenged person, appreciate comfortable shoes that keep me warm and provide (much needed) height during cold seasons, as in the summer strappy sandals satisfy the job. Here are my top picks for fall booties. 

3. Sam Edelman 'Keegan', $194.95

4. Sofft 'Mya' Pump, $124.95

Which booties are you drawn to?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beginning of Fall

H&M Blazer, Vintage Sweater and Jeans, Anne Klein Booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Tory Burch Bag, H&M Scarf, Tiffany & Co. Bracelet 
You know fall is especially here when the scarves and boots come out. Being so intolerable to cold weather, I tend to get lazy when dressing up and do my best to layer up to sustain body heat. My favorite go-to items are blazers, long-sleeved sweaters, and scarves. A blazer will always lend a hand in making me look dressier than I think I am; a sweater keeps me cozy and a scarf is fashionable. When the temperature drops a bit more, I bring out the leg warmers as they do wonders to my legs. Here is how I bundled up for the first day of fall!

How did you bundle up for the first day of fall?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

NYFW Highlights

Lacoste, Rebecca Minkoff, Oscar De La Renta
NYFW has concluded and with that I wanted to round up my favorite selections from different designers. Each atelier holds its unique flavor that makes the silhouettes look innovative and appealing. Mesh, lace, crop tops, and midi skirts/dresses will continue to prevail during fall 2013 and pre-spring 2014. As we progress in time, I have also observed some older patterns and trends that come into shape in some fashion. I look forward to seeing which period in time we resurrect next.
Louis Vuitton, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs
Gareth Pugh, Ralph Lauren, J. Mendel
Reed Krakoff, DKNY, Calvin Klein
What were your highlights from NYFW?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oversized in Black

Urban Outfitters Top, Topshop Tights, Aldo Heels, Louis Vuitton Bag
The amazing thing about oversized garments is the comfort and ease in doing daily tasks that requires any movement. I also realize that billowy tops can portray a trendy and effortless look when paired with skinny jeans or tight skirts. As the saying goes, "Opposites attract" it can be related here. Since my Bruno Mars concert, I haven't incorporated these leather tights into my attire at all. Although the leather look can feel extremely edgy, the tough look can be lessened when teamed with casual material (cotton in my case). 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Casual Walk

Express Shirt, Vintage Pants, Target Scarf, Sperry Top-Sider Shoes
I know people abide by the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, however, that is a myth to me. As long as the weather is nice and Sloppy Joes is not in the menu, there is no reason to refrain from it. I wore this white pair of palazzo pants with a light-weighted tee for a casual walk around town this past weekend. The loose fit of the pants also makes it suitable for loungewear and oversized sweaters. If only I had recovered these pants earlier on in the season, I could have saved my black pleated maxi skirt from exhaustion. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Trimmed down my Henri Bendel catalogs to the pages I really care for
As weather tends to fluctuate on and off, I find myself throwing on a sweater one day and then having the air conditioning on the next. Needless to say, I opt for the warmer days. The past few weeks have been in a state of frenzy (the good kind), hence my lack of blogging consistency. This brings me to the point of reorganizing and rescheduling several tasks I have on my plate. Hope you all take advantage of the warmer days as Chicago winter will power on and continue until this coming May!

Slowly, but surely getting on the crop top grind
Cider Lane scented candle that makes fall bearable

The new iOS7 look that makes me feel like I have new phone

My second Saffluence article!
What are you finding pleasure in nowadays?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Desires

I know fall is just about here and I will continue sulking until warmer weather comes around again. But the promising thing about this upcoming season is the fashion. As some may know, September marks fashion's New Year, hence the 900 page Vogue issue and fashion shows in New York, London, and Paris. It is usually around this time when new trends emerge and leave a mark in our minds to pursue. With that said, I have observed midi skirts take on a role this season as they can be paired with sweaters, crop tops, jackets, and billowy blouses. Here are some of my desirable choices!

1. Marni draped midi skirt, $298.01

2. Ted Baker color block midi skirt, $173.43

3. River Island layered midi skirt, $44

4. Wallis snake print midi skirt, $35

5. Shona Joy pencil skirt, $262.00

Monday, September 9, 2013

In Honor of NYFW

Prabal Gurung Dress, Aldo Heels, Parisian Clutch, Tiffany & Co. Bracelet, Gucci Aviators
New York Fashion Week is slowly concluding and in honor of this pinnacle time of the fashion season, I wanted to present my Prabal Gurung (for Target) dress. Although the silhouette is a bit loose-fitted, the black border and printed design caught my attention easily. I admire the flared tailoring as well as the round neck as it portrays a sophisticated, yet, chic manner. Since the length of the garment comes close to the knees, this is best flaunted with a pair of killer heels. I can't wait for the day to actually attend a whole week's worth of fashion shows to experience the collaboration of high-end designer looks. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunday at the Seminary

Aa an avid traveler, I never complain of the location I am about to visit as long as it offers something to mesmerize at. Last Sunday, I visited a seminary in Mundelein, IL where it was peaceful, yet, refreshing. The solitary buildings made the site look very graceful with a lake nearby. Times like this, I see myself enjoying nature regardless of the context. Here is a glimpse of where I spent my Sabbath day.

My sister and me in the courtyard.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brown Sugar Baked Peaches

And there you have it! My first edible creation that consisted of baking a batch of Brown Sugar Baked Peaches. Though I picked the easiest recipe with the least amount of ingredients, it still took me quite some time to prepare this. But either way, I was capable of making something without external help or instructions with what I had. The recipe for these Brown Sugar Baked Peaches was found on Pinterest and much to my surprise, they turned out to be as sweet and tender as I had hoped. Considering that I'm usually not a fan of peach-infused desserts, the brown sugar mixed with the ground cinnamon produced a delightful aroma throughout the house. Nonetheless, it was a success and I look forward to embarking on this culinary journey!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer Nights

The Kensington Roof Garden
As I have mentioned numerous times in my previous posts, summer is coming to a close with fall just right around the corner (September 22 to be exact). Before this great weather slips through our fingers, there are still a few things I want to take advantage of in the city of Chicago. As most people, I love a classy lounge where the music isn't piercing through my heart and my heels aren't sticking to the ground. The Kensington Roof Garden and Lounge appears to be an ideal scene to unwind a crazy week or even spice up a relaxed one. The fact that this lounge is on the rooftop, I would be also be able to catch a sight of the great Chicago skyline in addition to the enjoying the breezy weather. Since this spot opened up fairly recently, it will most likely be accompanied with Chicago's best service, decor, and entertainment. Once the sun settles in, Parliament Chicago club will open up for those who wish to extend the night.

What are your end of summer hot spots?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Red, White, and Blue Parfait by Martha Stewart
Today, I am celebrating Labor Day by doing absolutely no labor. However, I wanted to share an image of this Labor Day-esque treat that is enticing me to begin cooking (or some sort of it). Coming from a background of making cereal and Nutella sandwiches as a meal, it will take a lot of exertion. Although, my dicing and julienning can be impressive, the actual collaboration of multiple ingredients can get complex. But being the age I am, I think it is time for me to step into the kitchen and create something easy yet succulent.

What were some of your first cooked meals or snacks?