Thursday, October 2, 2014

Current Craves

Fall is officially here and in fashion the season is considered fashion's new year. In honor of it, I have selected few of my favorite trending items that has taken force as of late and would love to add to my collection.

1. The Burberry Prorsum color block check blanket poncho (that was a mouthful) has been selling out in the speed of light since it was showcased during fashion week earlier this year. The wool and cashmere blend brings in an appeal for colder months.

2. Lace up heels are becoming more and more popular since Giuseppe Zanotti came out with their ravishing pair a while back. Here is a similar pair from Modern Vice.

3. One of the it-bags now is definitely the Givenchy Antigona. This is a perfect satchel and size for everyday use, which also comes with a handy strap to throw it over the shoulder.

4. Diptyque Paris candles have been around since 1963, but I have had a new-found appreciation for the Baies scent and the quality of the product.

5. Cartier's LOVE bracelet is another iconic piece from the 1970s, which is becoming more prominent and for a great reason. The simplistic elegance of the piece makes it versatile enough to be worn with a gown or t-shirt.

What's on your list this fall?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

- Near a mill in Hinsdale -
A friend of mine recently nominated me for the Positive Things challenge (I'm not sure if that's what it is called), which asks to list out three positive things about my day for a week. I have accepted the challenge and thought I would document the positive vibes on here versus Facebook. I will, subsequently, be nominating three more friends!

Day 1:
  1. Starting the shortened week on a Tuesday after Labor Day weekend
  2. Having leftovers from Kuma's Corner - known for their epic burgers
  3. Working out with some squats and leg lifts
Day 2:
  1. Having 2 more days to the work week
  2. Having my home-made sandwich for lunch (doesn't happen often)
  3. Fixing my iPhones' unresponsive home button by myself
Day 3:
  1. Enjoying the beautiful weather
  2. Eating Nutella from the jar
  3. Attending a Happy Hour with some co-workers
Day 4:
  1. Sleeping in
  2. Dinner with my mom and a friend
  3. Staying in on a Friday night and watching an Indian movie with my mom
Day 5:
  1. Experiencing Eataly at the restaurant La Pizza - La Pasta and the Nutella bar
  2. Strolling down Michigan Ave with a friend
  3. Having a second dinner at Gino's East and trying out a sweet "Birthday Cake" shot (no birthdays were happening)
Day 6:
  1. Afternoon at Nordstrom
  2. Watching NYFW and re-runs of Friends simultaneously
  3. Lemonade from Auntie Ann's
Day 7:
  1. Eating hot and spice Ramen Noodles for dinner
  2. Finalizing a video I created for my mom's 50th birthday (check it out here)
  3. Catching-up on some magazine reading
Thank you, Natalia for this challenge! xo

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pretty Pleasures

- Baha'i House of Worship in Evanston, IL -
It's been a while since I have shared some pretty pleasures so, I have added a bit more pictures than the usual. Although Labor Day is just around the corner, it just started feeling like summer here in Chicago and I'm saddened to celebrate the Holiday thinking it is the last hurrah of warm weather. Unlike those who are embracing the early arrival of the pumpkin latte at Starbucks, I am holding onto every bit of the season there is left. Here are some bits and pieces of my past few months. Enjoy!

- A blurry glimpse of a $5M carousel at the House on the Rock in WI - it was breathtaking -

- One of my favorite desserts - creme brûlée - at the Coast Guard Festival in MI -

- July 4th at the Lurie Garden in Chicago-

- Interesting decor in the entryway to 3 Dots and a Dash -

- Snapped this while on an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River -

- Finally got around to trying the acclaimed Girl & the Goat restaurant (it was amazing) -

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lavender Look

ASOS Dress, Christian Louboutin Heels, Ray Ban Wayfarers 
It's been a while and hopefully it has been worth the wait! Although this summer in Chicago has not been one of the finest, my skin has a tendency to absorb every single ray that gets emitted and fry me up as if I'm intentionally trying to get tan. That's the great thing about this dress - the lavender complements my darker skin tone without making me look too bronzed. The lightweight fabric allows it to be breathable and body-forming. This is an ideal dress for afternoon tea or summer weddings. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skincare Secrets

Unlike most people my age, I don't have my skincare regime sorted out. For someone who deals with a lot of facial skin problems, it's quite alarming that I'm still testing products out, rather than having some staple items handy. However, I have come to know that this testing-phase is something that will perpetuate as your skin and body changes. As I'm taking my stab at identifying products that are suitable to my skin type and texture, thought I would share them here as it may benefit someone else on the same boat.

3. To spot-treat - Kate Somerville EradiKate ($24)

4. To clean - Cetaphil ($10.79)

P.S. Obviously none of this will really be effective without the frequent consumption of water!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Clutch Consensus

Although it is accepted and can be worked into an outfit, pairing a metal accessory with an all-gold look is still a bit uneasy for me. Perhaps it's the preconceived idea that all hardware and accessories should match, but I definitely have seen some true fashionistas rocking the mixed colors and would love to try it myself. In the essence of looking for a silver/metal-toned accessory, here are some clutches (all under $130!) I'm debating about to add to my pending collection.

1. Natasha Couture Box Clutch ($58)

2. Tasha Hexagonal Clutch ($48)

3. Glint Abstract Lace Clutch ($58)

4. Glint 'Satin Grid' Minaudière ($68)

5. Sondra Roberts Crystal Frame Clutch ($98)

6. Sondra Roberts Crystal Mesh Box Clutch ($128)

7. Natasha Couture 'Metallic Mirror' Box Clutch ($58)

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chocolate Cravings

I have a perpetual sweet tooth (as I mentioned here) and usually have some sort of chocolate within a few feet of reach. I recently had my boss come up to my desk in search of a piece of chocolate as our office pantry was running low on them - that's how obsessed I am with them. Nevertheless, I am picky about my chocolate choices and prefer certain brands over the other. With lent in full-swing, I'm holding on to my horses until it's Easter as I gave up desserts as a sacrifice. These are some of my all-time favorites (in no particular order).

1. Godiva truffles

2. Milka bar

3. Kit Kat wafers

4. Ferrero Rocher

5. Lindt LINDOR truffles

6. Toblerone bar

7. Ghirardelli squares

8. Fannie May turtles

Which ones are your favorite?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty Pleasures

- A pearly gift from The Met -

Well, it's been a minute and I have finally came out of blogging-hibernation. This past month was brutally cold for March and just when you think the Midwest has had the last snow, it snows again. Although the weather has been sucky, here are some things I am finding some pleasure in.

- A quick trip to Traverse City, MI -

- An intricate art piece from the Dennos Museum Center -

- The closed down ski slope at Mt. Holiday -

- Can never go wrong with croissant, orange juice, and fruits -

What's delighting you nowadays?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Casual Menswear

- Express Sweater, Banana Republic Pants, Aldo Shoes, Oakley Sunglasses, Fossil Watch -

I like to pretend I know about menswear, but it fascinates it how much more there is to learn about the coordination of colors when pairing two simple silhouettes. Here, I have Cecil Thomas (also featured on Saffluence) who is in a simple V-neck sweater coupled with a pair of navy blue pants. By choosing to wear a more dressy material for the bottoms, the opportunity to be liberal with the choice of shoes is great. Unlike wearing denim jeans, the fabric of these pants make the whole outfit look a lot more sophisticated and clean than typical daily wear.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warming Up

- Victoria Secret Coat, Zara Leggings, Aldo Booties (similar here), H&M Scarf (similar here), Ray Ban Aviators -

After a month of negative temperatures, the weather in Chicago has finally taken a turn for the better. The high of today is 43 and it wouldn't be a shock to me if I were to see someone outside without a coat. The way I choose to embrace the warmer temperature is by wearing a quarter-sleeve sweater under a faux-fux vest with my all-time favorite thick leggings. I found this pair at Zara few years ago and it has been serving as the perfect pants as it is thicker than typical leggings and thinner than jeans.

Photos by Cecil Thomas

Do you have a pair of perfect pants?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Interior Architecture

Previously, I had compiled some room elements and decor for my ideal bedroom and living room so, it only seemed appropriate to do the same thing for my ideal dining room. Here is my third installment of Interior Architecture with pieces from Zgallerie and Crate and Barrel.

1. Sweet Nothings Art ($399.95)

2. Bellina Chandelier ($399)

4. Buddha Fountain ($199)

6. Echeveria Stem ($32.85)

7. Lola Chair ($269)

8. Versailles Rug ($299.95)

9. Napkin Ring ($19.80)

10. Court Dinnerware Set ($1.95-$4.95)

What is your favorite part of the dining room?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretty Pleasures

- Just some coral roses to brighten up the snow gloom -

Life is short and the time to live and prosper is now. If you want to take that trip to Europe that you shouldn't spend money on? Do it anyway. If you want to rent out a boat and take a ride with your friends, what's stopping you? Forget the inconveniences in your life and embrace a more liberating experience that may give you the memories of a lifetime. 

- Channeling my natural, fresh face (sans makeup) for the #PerfectlyNatural movement started by Mary Thushara-

- The Drake Hotel -

- Sure wouldn't mind some (via Pinterest) -

- Missing the cherry blossom trees from Boston -

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sensing Scents

I was never a huge proponent of collecting multiple scents up until recently. Being in the corporate world, I find it very important to have a scent that is sophisticated yet personable for that environment. But when it is time to step out, I usually don't hold back. Here are some of my favorite scents I can't go without.

1. Prada Candy ($84)

7. Chanel N5 ($120)

What are your favorite scents?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Peonies

Images via Pinterest
In the spirit of Valentine's Day and for what it's worth, I had the urge to round-up the most important component I look forward to on the day - flowers. As much of a chocolate-junkie I am, flowers have a different way of portraying love and kindness in a simple, but finer way. Lately, I have been obsessing even more about pink peonies and the different types they come in, which led me to share some of the pretty arrangements I have found on Pinterest here.

Do you have a favorite type of flower?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Smooth Like Velvet

- Zara Jacket (similar here), Bebe Tights, Aldo Booties, H&M Tank Dress and Scarf -

Since its popularity about three years ago, velvet jackets have been a must-have for my closet. I can't tell whether it is the smoothness of the fabric or the deep darkness of it that I admire, but regardless, it is a versatile garment that can be easily paired with boyfriend jeans and a loose-tee or in my case, tights and a tank dress. Plus, considering that the jacket/blazer is not tight to the skin, it allows me to layer cardigans and/or sweaters underneath for a more cozy look - I actually have a cardigan under it since it is still brisk cold in Chicago.

Photos by Cecil Thomas