Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How I get my curl power


My hair has always been a prominent part of my identity, and though I didn't grow up loving it (like most girls), I certainly have learned to embrace it fully. There isn't much maintenance that goes with it, but I have taken up a few pointers to ensure I'm keeping it relatively healthy: detangling hair before a shower, massaging coconut oil on ends, improving my eating habits (trying), and, most importantly, shampooing with Tea Tree Oil.

Here is a step-by-step process of how I fix up my curly mane on a regular basis!

1.  Wash hair and let air-dry

This is how my hair looks like after being air-dried; no products aside from shampoo and conditioner. This specific Tea Tree Oil shampoo from Maple Holistics is made with natural ingredients and supports cruelty-free operations, which I can always get behind. Since I've started using this 2-3 times a week, my scalp has been feeling cleaner and fresher. For those who would like to sample one of their products, check this out. 

2. Spritz some heat protecting spray before applying heat

My go-to protectant has always been TRESemm√©, but at this point my hair is far from being salvaged. I proceed anyway. 

3. Straighten out roots

This is a step I take only if I want to look extra polished since it does add an extra 5-minutes to my routine. When I do have the luxury of time, I make sure to iron out any stubborn strands for a cleaner curled look. (I've had this CHI Haircare straightener for 50 years, I feel, but still good as gold). 

4. Strap on those heat-protectant gloves!

Unlike many graceful people out there who can go a day without getting burnt (or hurt in general), I need to have this glove on to prevent unnecessary burns. I can probably count about 4 scars I've gotten over the years from hair tools. 

5. Curl away with wand pointing down

This Jose Eber Hair wand is my ultimate holy grail. I was introduced to it by a good friend a few years ago and my life has not been the same since. The way it shapes and holds curls is unlike any other curling product in the market - in my limited experience. I have used this wand so frequently that the black coating is wearing off slowly, which would probably explain my unruly split ends. Either way, I start curling the side with less hair and work my way around.

6. Pause for evaluation

Considering that my hair, for the most part, is curly, I don't need to work through my entire head. After I'm done with one side, I usually take a moment to look for frizzy, separated strands that can be refined for a "tighter" texture. Since daily use is bad enough, I try to be conservative with how much of my hair I touch up. Half-way there!

7. Continue curling the other side

8. Flaunt it

Just kidding... but that sums it up!

The total time to get this result is about 15-20 minutes depending on the day. Hope this was helpful (or entertaining)!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mystic Montauk

RoseGal Dress 

Last weekend, I got to spend some time in the Hamptons and the idea of being so close, yet so far away from the city, was exhilarating. The greenery, laid-back vibe, and slew of trendy sundresses definitely set the stage for the quintessential weekend out east. This short sleeved midi dress from RoseGal embodies the casual elegance look I usually opt (try) for, and can be conveniently transitioned to an evening dress - with a pair of strappy sandals, of course. Here is a very relaxed take on a beautiful beach day in Montauk.

P.S. For more trendy dresses, check out RoseGal! 

P.P.S. Thanks to my cute friends who helped with the shoot ;)

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Era of Evites

Oscar de la Renta

One of my favorite things about events has to be the invitation card that precedes it. Whether I'm being invited to something or I get the pleasure of hosting one, the idea of having your name associated with a special occasion is quite exciting. In this day and age, evites have become so prevalent and convenient (financially and time-wise), but the appreciation towards printed cards will never diminish in my eyes. In partnership with Anagram Interactive, I had the opportunity to try out some really neat Paperless Post cards designed by some of the world's most renowned names - Charlotte Olympia, Jack and Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, Mary Katrantzou, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang. Not only are these cards (and envelopes) chic in design, they are super easy to customize, and fairly inexpensive for the quality you get. Now until I can afford a real Oscar de la Renta dress, I will make due with their pretty cards. 

Mary Katrantzou

Rifle Paper Co.

Kelly Wearstler

Vera Wang

Oscar de la Renta

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Village Vibes

There are ample neighborhoods in NYC, but there aren't too many that truly speak to me. West Village is one of the few charming areas that have this unavoidable effect that effortlessly captivates the attention of any pedestrians. On a hot summer day, it's extremely crucial to be able to stroll around in something breathable and light, such as this dress. I had the pleasure of customizing several aspects of this outfit from eShakti to suit my preferences - hem length, neckline, sleeve length etc. The best part of this dress (not featured here because I totally forgot I had it, lame) is the pockets! I love a good one-piece that satisfies many requirements, and I know I will get great utility out of this one. Thanks, eShakti!

Photography by Kyle

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stripes in Spring

SheIn Shirt, RACHEL Rachel Roy Jeans (similar here), Nicholas Kirkwood Flats, Anne Klein Crossbody, Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Michael Kors Watch, Lauren Ralph Lauren Bracelet
Spring time in New York has been a combination of the good and the bad. Some days you are frolicking in Central Park in summer attire, and other days you are strapped in boots and wrapped up in a chunky scarf. Nonetheless, the blooming flowers and the doses of vividly green landscapes the city exhibits have become our hope for warmer days. Considering the season's hot afternoons and chilly evenings, my go-to look embodies a loose and breathable top paired with cropped jeans that keep me warm, yet cool. This particular linen, striped shirt is now a staple in my closet, and I love that I can easily couple it with shorts, skirts, or even skorts! 

Photography by Kyle

Thursday, January 19, 2017

SoHo Strolls

Vintage Hat, SheIn Coat, Mango Sweater, Zara Pants, Aldo Shoes, Givenchy Bag
If I can describe NYC in one way, I would refer to it as a city with character. Each neighborhood feels like a different town, filled with distinctive features that will keep you searching for something new. One main thing I have come to appreciate over the past (almost) 5 months is the mild winter season in comparison to a place like Chicago, or Chiberia as we call it. This may be why New York has a reputation for maintaining a stylish stance - the extended fall-like weather that allows fashion enthusiasts, like me, to experiment with looks without the puffy parkas. 

Photography by Alex