Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dare or Spare

Halston Heritage - $545, Asos - $84.85

Just like the mint collection, rompers and jumpsuits have paved its way to our attention in many forms. So, I only found it fitting to present two similar looks at two different costs. Rompers tend to be on the shorter side making it a universal go-to for the summer and jumpsuits have the long pants that allow it to be worn in the winter also. Since I always reconsider the purpose of a clothing to be also work friendly, I opt for the jumpsuit as it can easily be paired with a crisp blazer for a fashionable, yet, professional look. I love the draped fabric on this Halston Heritage jumpsuit and the belt that emphasizes the curves for a more hourglass figure. Whereas, this Asos option can serve as a great alternative as it also crunches in around the waist.

Should I dare to get the Halston or spare some with the Asos?