Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Improvement - Drawer

Those who have been in my room is well aware of my gloating over the dresser I assembled myself. Might I add - it is still standing and being used for what it was sold for. As a meticulous-being, I take my time to do things and ensure that once I complete it, it won't fall apart. Here is the story of my long lost drawer that was broken and left unfixed for about 3 years, until this past weekend with a superglue.

Step 1: Find all pieces of the broken drawer.

Step 2: Unscrew nails to remove broken plastic things. Locate Superglue!

Step 3: Apply Superglue to both ends of the wood pieces that will be attached to the external drawer piece.

Step 4: Position the drawer so the Superglue stays in place for about 24 hours. (I placed a mug on top to balance the wood forward).

Step 5: 24 hours later, flip the fixed drawer to ensure the pieces are balanced and not loose. 

Step 6: Put the missing drawer back into the cabinet for the completion. 

Do you have any broken things in the house that can be easily fixed?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Vibrant autumn trees
When I expected fall weather this year, I didn't realize I had to equip myself to bear winter temperatures. The below-average temperatures that the Midwest is currently enduring has become a nuisance - it even began snowing few days ago! The only way I would be content with this baffled weather would be if it snowed just enough to have a White Christmas and ended by early January. After that, I will be quite weary of the brisk temperatures and yearning for the warm air. Here's to a bundled-up weekend!

A little sparkle doesn't hurt anybody
Eyeing this Burberry coat like an owl
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month - Pink <3
Is it too early for Christmas? Nah.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Splendid Indian Closet

Having Indian roots has its perks - fancy jewelry, embellished clothes, gregarious events, and the list goes on. When two Indian designers - Satya Paul and Joy Mitra - and a Canadian Top Chef host/actress/designer - Lisa Ray - join forces, you will get The Splendid Indian Closet Fashion Tour 2013. This event showcases the coveted couture, luxury fashion, and RTW lines of one of the most established players in the industry. After launching the tour in Chicago on Oct. 25th, the designers will be welcomed in New York as well as Dallas. Whether your intent is to mingle, buy, or entertain, grab a friend and attend this stellar show of Indian designs. Here are my favorite looks from the trio designers.

Joy Mitra
Lisa Ray in Lisa Ray
Satya Paul
Tickets can be purchased here! Hope you can make it out to the show!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dare or Spare

Trench coats have the magical touch of making one look more sophisticated as well as British, simultaneously. This classic coat has taken form in many colors, shapes, and textures since its origin. Yet it remains to be that timeless garment in both a woman's and man's closet. What makes a trench coat unique from the conventional knee-length coat is the use of a belt. This helps frame that structured feministic silhouette that never fails for any body shape. The color I gear towards when thinking of a trench coat is typically tan/camel - a color that complements most hues of a spectrum. Burberry is celebrated for their trench coats, so it shouldn't be a shock to be presented with this option. This trench coat in particular has a wool and cashmere blend lining that will keep you warmer than most others. On the other hand, this Ellen Tracy choice has the same idea in a lighter shade, fewer buttons and is about 15% of the Burberry's cost.

Shall I dare and invest or spare and settle?

Cuff Linked

The notion of cufflinks was first introduced in 1715 as a way to clip the cuffs found on dress shirts or blouses. The ornamental pieces inaugurated their style as glass/gilded buttons or embellished studs. As some may have noticed, that is no longer the case - they come in various fabrics, bright colors, metal, shapes and sizes, etc. Just like jewelry serves us an accessory to a feminine attire, these miniature fasteners adds a hint of sharpness to a gentleman's look.

For a classy occasion, opt for one of these designs:

Ted Baker
Hugo Boss
 While in a free-spirited mood, check out these fun options:

Volante Steering Wheel

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Good Earth tea that prevented what would have been my third cold in the past 6 months
We're right in the heart of fall weather with cooler mornings and shaded trees. Since last spring, I have caught a cold or a flu twice and was on the verge of catching another when a considerate co-worker passed this medicinal tea to me. With just one cup of inhaling herbs, I have relieved and prevented the sickness out of my system. With pumpkin and turkey season right around the corner, I definitely do not want to spend the time indoors with a kleenex box. Hope you take time to step outdoors and find leisure fall activities to rejuvenate!

Contemplating on dressing up as Victoria Beckham for Halloween 

Took a trip down to Lake Geneva with few gals

Throwback of me in a Shyamal & Bhumika attire when the designer came to Chicago for a showroom

Another Saffluence article I wrote in honor of fall fashion

Gridded Baroque

Arden B. Dress, Steve Madden Wedges, Michael Kors Watch
This dress purchase was inspired by Alexander McQueen's eloquent designs and patterns. Although this was bought for a New Year's Eve event a while back, I have made use of it for various occasions - graduation, night out in the city, fancy dining, etc. Needless to say, it's another go-to dress in my wardrobe. I love how the design looks like a grid placed under baroque patterns. In addition, the gold filling and the (close to) knee-length of the garment serves a sophisticated, yet, majestic facade.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Interior Architecture

After my first installment of Interior Architecture few months ago, I wanted to revamp my decor sense and round up another set of favorites. These decorative pieces are, once again, found in ZGallerie - the ultimate decor store for my utopian home. I love the look and feel of an elegant, white living room with subtle gold and crystal tones to magnify luxe. With an art piece that adds a minor pop of color, offsets the monotoned hues the room could give off. 

  1. Orvino Floor Lamp, $249
  2. Luxe Crystal Chandelier, $799
  3. All In a Swirl Art, $449.95
  4. Borghese Mirrored Chest, $899
  5. Olivia Sofa, $1,299
  6. Bonsai Tree - Gold, $99.95
  7. Indochine Rug - Platinum, $199.95 - $799.95
  8. Meridian Coffee Table, $599

How do you envision your living room space?