Monday, April 21, 2014

Clutch Consensus

Although it is accepted and can be worked into an outfit, pairing a metal accessory with an all-gold look is still a bit uneasy for me. Perhaps it's the preconceived idea that all hardware and accessories should match, but I definitely have seen some true fashionistas rocking the mixed colors and would love to try it myself. In the essence of looking for a silver/metal-toned accessory, here are some clutches (all under $130!) I'm debating about to add to my pending collection.

1. Natasha Couture Box Clutch ($58)

2. Tasha Hexagonal Clutch ($48)

3. Glint Abstract Lace Clutch ($58)

4. Glint 'Satin Grid' Minaudière ($68)

5. Sondra Roberts Crystal Frame Clutch ($98)

6. Sondra Roberts Crystal Mesh Box Clutch ($128)

7. Natasha Couture 'Metallic Mirror' Box Clutch ($58)

Which one is your favorite?