Monday, October 7, 2013

Interior Architecture

After my first installment of Interior Architecture few months ago, I wanted to revamp my decor sense and round up another set of favorites. These decorative pieces are, once again, found in ZGallerie - the ultimate decor store for my utopian home. I love the look and feel of an elegant, white living room with subtle gold and crystal tones to magnify luxe. With an art piece that adds a minor pop of color, offsets the monotoned hues the room could give off. 

  1. Orvino Floor Lamp, $249
  2. Luxe Crystal Chandelier, $799
  3. All In a Swirl Art, $449.95
  4. Borghese Mirrored Chest, $899
  5. Olivia Sofa, $1,299
  6. Bonsai Tree - Gold, $99.95
  7. Indochine Rug - Platinum, $199.95 - $799.95
  8. Meridian Coffee Table, $599

How do you envision your living room space?