Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer To-Do List

Cancun, Mexico
Like most girls, I also, am an avid To-Do lister. There is something very satisfying about knowing few things have been accomplished throughout the course of the day or week. As for my mom, she has begun a Places to Visit in 2013 list that is hanging on our fridge, which triggered the idea of having a personal one as well. Hope this inspires you to get out of your bed and do something engaging!

1. Get on a yoga schedule.
2. Make a full meal - dinner would be ideal but a bit farfetched.
3. Visit my Alma Mater campus - Loyola University of Chicago - for an evening walk along Lake Michigan shore.
4. Attempt to learn how to swim.
5. Find a pair of leather pants to wear to Bruno Mars' concert.
6. Recreate some Indian necklaces that I currently refuse to wear.
7. Visit House on the Rock.
8. Take some PTO from work!
9. Eat more fruits.
10. Improve my blogging.