Monday, November 18, 2013

Story of Saffluence

My latest article that initiated the men's style series
Today, I want to bring the attention to an emerging South Asian online magazine called, Saffluence, which I write for on a monthly basis. At Saffluence, we try to portray the aesthetics of life through "smart, simple, and savvy" ways. Not only is this a forthcoming magazine, the fact that it targets males as well as females is a captivating element. Some of the topics that can be read about on Saffluence include beauty, fashion, food, guy things, technical gadgets, and other lifestyle subjects. Here are some of my favorites articles from the online mag.

The guide to the pretty lip

Sari Art 
Commentary on Payal Singhal

My first article for Saffluence, which became a fan favorite
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