Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dare or Spare

Trench coats have the magical touch of making one look more sophisticated as well as British, simultaneously. This classic coat has taken form in many colors, shapes, and textures since its origin. Yet it remains to be that timeless garment in both a woman's and man's closet. What makes a trench coat unique from the conventional knee-length coat is the use of a belt. This helps frame that structured feministic silhouette that never fails for any body shape. The color I gear towards when thinking of a trench coat is typically tan/camel - a color that complements most hues of a spectrum. Burberry is celebrated for their trench coats, so it shouldn't be a shock to be presented with this option. This trench coat in particular has a wool and cashmere blend lining that will keep you warmer than most others. On the other hand, this Ellen Tracy choice has the same idea in a lighter shade, fewer buttons and is about 15% of the Burberry's cost.

Shall I dare and invest or spare and settle?