Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Living Dream

Pool Entrance
As you can see here and here, the second thing I'm very keen on is interior decor. I know I've briefly mentioned before that I simply cannot wait to have a place of my own and orient every design and layout to my style. So, until then I will continue to pretentiously live through Pinterest. In this post, I want to draw the attention to the living room space - or as I call it, The Living Dream. I admire the concept of stacking books, grouping objects in a tray, and having fresh fleurs in a common room for a touch of comfort. The other important idea I'm going to keep in mind is the use of different types of chairs and couches for some diversity. As you can see in these images, there is an assortment of furnitures that makes the room more lively and engaging. 

Pop of Purple
Coral Touch

Manhattan Living
Simple Neutrals
Dark Touch
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