Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pretty Pleasures

- Pretty orchids that my botany-loving mom got me - 

The weather in Chicago is finally warming up (and by that I mean it is above 20 degrees) and civilization is back on track. What seemed silly to me was seeing younger teens walking around the mall, with only 3 degrees out, in their short Uggs, VS yoga pants, and North Face fleeces. I, on the other hand, was bundled up with layered, wool sweaters, double hats, thigh-high leg warmers, and a thick parka that, inevitably, got me sweating. Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to spring/summer as this winter has reached its quota. 

- Spotted this little guy on the fresh snow in my driveway -

- Ain't nothing like some fresh juice and chocolate to get the day going -

- View down my street during Chiberia -

- My awesome coworkers know how important it is to keep me thawed during the winter in the office (heated mouse pad and fingerless gloves) -