Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Age

Typically, I don't make any New Years resolutions as it tends to get neglected after the first week of January. Considering that my birthday is so close to New Years and in the interest of making 2014 better than the others, I'm going to set some (7 to be exact) guidelines that may or may not facilitate in having a healthier year. Unlike the to-do list I made here back in the summer, I will make more of an attempt to compensate for the incompletion.

1. Weekly yoga

2. Ignore inconveniences and accept adventures

3. Monthly home cooked meal

4. Invest in skincare products

5. Read more

6. Stop hoarding candles and actually light them up to make use of it

7. Detach from material things that just take up space

What are some of your resolutions or guidelines for the year?