Thursday, November 7, 2013

Culture of Curls

Shot from Monday Blues
I was quite astounded when I came across a short list of ways - some of which I was unaware of - to take care of curly hair. Although, I can't find the same list anymore (stumbled upon it on Pinterest), I will recreate it with my take on hair maintenance. Here are some tips to tame the mane!

1. Use less or no shampoo; if you must, look for key ingredients like Shea butter, palm oil, or avocado oil.

2. Throw out the hair bush; use a shower comb to sift through the curls in the shower.

3. Get silk pillowcases; cotton soaks up the moisture in the hair and causes hair to be more dry. I really love the simplicity of this one.

4. Always get a dry haircut; wet haircuts will give a false perception of the way hair falls and its length. Side note: a half inch off will really look like one inch off and so on.

5. Bring in the conditioner; leave-in conditioner is as necessary as regular conditioner. It's a 10 Miracle for medium-thick hair is a great product to get silky smooth texture.

6. Cut down on the heat; not only does heat distort the pattern of curls, it also causes unwanted split ends and damage that is harder to recover from than straight hair.

What are some unique tips you abide by that I missed here?