Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Probably had 3 of these Sufganiyots during work
So it's been a while, but the main thing that is worth discussing about is the dramatic weather change that has struck most of the country within the past few weeks. While I was in WI few days ago for some business travel, the state experienced a 0 degree-temperature drop at midday. However, since the wind chill in WI is not as piercing as Chicago's, the 0 degree felt really like 0 and not -15 (which is what happens in Chicago). With frigid weather like this that is already upon us, I'm unsure what the latter half of the winter will have in store. I guess I'll have to continue my art of layering-on leg warmers, gloves, hats, and perhaps even coats - since my cold-tolerence is ridiculously low. To those suffering from the severe cold, stay warm this weekend!

The renovated Oakbrook mall with seasonal decorations

This is as crafty as I got for the Christmas tree decorations

Sadly, this looked a lot better than it tasted

Made a pitstop at Mars Cheese Castle and ran into this guy

Finally on the Naked3 grind; hope this exceeds the hyped marketing