Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Sign of Elmhurst found at a nearby historical area

Elmhurst is the town I reside in and the more I explore the vicinity, the more interesting I find it to be. It's also fascinating to me that small towns, such as this one, has a lot more to give, but can only be discovered if sought properly. We found this historical looking building in a park that showed a different side of Elmhurst. Another town I look forward to touring is Naperville as it seems like a more civilized town than the ones around me. Here is a peep at few of my pretty pleasures!
Good ol' sundae at Oberweis
One of the very few dinners I prepared in my post-grad life - pizza and tomato basil soup
The location where yesterday's outfit post was taken
Impromptu dress trial at Red E boutique, which ended up being featured on their FB page.

What discoveries have you made in your town of residence?