Friday, September 20, 2013

Pretty Pleasures

Trimmed down my Henri Bendel catalogs to the pages I really care for
As weather tends to fluctuate on and off, I find myself throwing on a sweater one day and then having the air conditioning on the next. Needless to say, I opt for the warmer days. The past few weeks have been in a state of frenzy (the good kind), hence my lack of blogging consistency. This brings me to the point of reorganizing and rescheduling several tasks I have on my plate. Hope you all take advantage of the warmer days as Chicago winter will power on and continue until this coming May!

Slowly, but surely getting on the crop top grind
Cider Lane scented candle that makes fall bearable

The new iOS7 look that makes me feel like I have new phone

My second Saffluence article!
What are you finding pleasure in nowadays?