Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer Nights

The Kensington Roof Garden
As I have mentioned numerous times in my previous posts, summer is coming to a close with fall just right around the corner (September 22 to be exact). Before this great weather slips through our fingers, there are still a few things I want to take advantage of in the city of Chicago. As most people, I love a classy lounge where the music isn't piercing through my heart and my heels aren't sticking to the ground. The Kensington Roof Garden and Lounge appears to be an ideal scene to unwind a crazy week or even spice up a relaxed one. The fact that this lounge is on the rooftop, I would be also be able to catch a sight of the great Chicago skyline in addition to the enjoying the breezy weather. Since this spot opened up fairly recently, it will most likely be accompanied with Chicago's best service, decor, and entertainment. Once the sun settles in, Parliament Chicago club will open up for those who wish to extend the night.

What are your end of summer hot spots?