Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Desires

I know fall is just about here and I will continue sulking until warmer weather comes around again. But the promising thing about this upcoming season is the fashion. As some may know, September marks fashion's New Year, hence the 900 page Vogue issue and fashion shows in New York, London, and Paris. It is usually around this time when new trends emerge and leave a mark in our minds to pursue. With that said, I have observed midi skirts take on a role this season as they can be paired with sweaters, crop tops, jackets, and billowy blouses. Here are some of my desirable choices!

1. Marni draped midi skirt, $298.01

2. Ted Baker color block midi skirt, $173.43

3. River Island layered midi skirt, $44

4. Wallis snake print midi skirt, $35

5. Shona Joy pencil skirt, $262.00