Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North Carolina

Morning drive through Indiana
In my absence in blogging, I was able to savor the green-ness of North Carolina. Even though suburbs in Illinois have its fair share of trees and shrubbery, the tall trees and mountains of North Carolina were incomparable. This trip will mark my fourth travel for the year, adding to the ones listed here (that rhymed). Without much ado, here are the highlights of my trip down South.

Backyard of a McDonald's in Ohio
Appalachian Mountains

Farmer's Market in Greensboro
Sweet Tea from Moose Cafe
Fresh flowers
Downtown Greensboro
Strawberry scoop from The Cheesecakes by Alex
Delightful alley 

On the way to the top of the Grandfather Mountain 

Above sea level 

Unexpected fog that seeped in
On top

Bowling Rock uptown

Thai Dye pizza from Mellow Mushroom 
Gem Mining, yup that's real dinosaur poop

Handmade candle and candle-holders. Purchased a Banana Butter Nut candle as it had the best scent